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The Burke Paine Society is structured as a collection of decentralized Chapters that exist within many of the largest cities in the United States. Chapter leaders are empowered to setup and run one or more "Salons" within their respective cities.

Although BPS allows a degree of freedom for Chapter leaders, all Chapter leaders adhere to BPS' core tenets and share a passion for cross-partisanship.


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Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia BPS Chapter was created in 2018 by Brian Bagzis. The Chapter meets twice a month over Zoom, and uses Meetup for coordination and scheduling. Chapter meetings typically focus on current political issues, and the Chapter regularly publicizes events from parallel organizations such as Braver Angels and American Purpose.


Brian had originally founded the Philadelphia Political Agnostics meetup in 2015 to provide a local venue for non-partisan discussion of political issues. Recognizing the strategic overlap between the two organizations, Brian converted the Philadelphia Political Agnostics into a BPS forum in 2018. The Chapter boasts several hundred active members, and although technically based in Philadelphia, the Chapter has regular members from all over the world given its virtual setting.  


Richmond, VA

The Richmond BPS Chapter was created in 2019 and is currently run by Julie Appleby. The Chapter meets monthly at various in-person venues and uses WhatsApp for communication purposes. 

If interested in joining, please reach out to Julie (email link to the left) to get connected. 

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Austin, TX

The Austin BPS Chapter was created in 2022 by BPS' current President, Andrew Brummett. The Chapter meets monthly in one of two locations that alternate between northeast Austin and northwest Austin. The Chapter's meetings typically focus on current political issues as well as broad theological discussions.  

Having been a core part of the Philadelphia Chapter while living in Philly, Andrew was quick to start an Austin chapter after moving to Texas in late 2021.  

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

The Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter was created in 2022 by Travis Monteleone. The Chapter meets monthly in Dallas and uses GroupMe for communication purposes. Chapter meetings typically focus on current political issues with an emphasis on the underlying sociological and psychological causes of polarization.  

The Chapter currently admits members based on an application process, and applications are considered on a rolling basis. If interested in applying, please reach out to Travis at the email link to the left. 

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